1. Document Tracking & Workflow Management System (DTWMS)

 Document Tracking Management System enables users to send and work on documents by eliminating the paper-based approach in institutions. All documents can be tracked to which user or staff is handling them. This can enhance performance and time management in the institutions. Currently, all district offices and most government institutions have adopted using the DTWMS and are automating their workflows in order to move to the paperless approach.

2. RwandaOnline Platform

In April 2014, the Government of Rwanda entered into a twenty-five year PPP, effective August 06th 2014, with RwandaOnline Platform Ltd, to build and operate a fee- based e-Government platform engineered to transform government service delivery, increase access to information and foster transparency.This project is aimed at enabling the public to access government services online through the Rwanda Online platform (known as Irembo system). Its purpose is to increase efficiency and transparency, improve traceability from common platform, and reduce GoR duplication of effort and increased service access, speed, availability.

3. District Video-Conferencing (V.C)

Video-conferencing tools and equipment are currently being used in district headquarter offices and bring together audiences from different communities onto one platform.

4. Government Enterprise Architecture

The Government Enterprise Architecture project aims at establishing a blue print for systems development and acquisition across the GoR. The project provides a systematic approach to compile requirements, achieve interoperability, and achieve proper scoping and proper implementation roadmap.

5. Government Web Presence Project

Project objective is to increase online presence for government institutions (ministries, agencies, and embassies) through content and website development. The project focuses on providing the required technical support, upgrade, maintenance and hosting for all government websites.