ICT services and M&E

1. Government Command Center Project

This is a Business Intelligence and Analytics System to monitor and follow-up sectors performance by allowing real time data reporting. The project will enable sectors to have quick access to actionable information by providing a greater visibility of their respective GoR programs and projects performance. It will also enable improved coordination of programs and projects performance being executed at sector level, cluster level and national level.

2. Disaster Recovery Project

 This is a backup project for the National Data Center. This provides for reliable ICT infrastructure for data hosting services, and also increases confidence in Rwanda’s information security as well as ensuring business continuity.

3. ICT Training and Certification Program

 This project aims at increasing the number of skilled ICT professionals to satisfy the market needs. On yearly basis, a skills gap analysis is conducted and a list of ICT certification courses is proposed from entry level, associate level, professional level and expert level.

Certification courses are offered to try to close identified ICT skills’ gaps and at the same time increase the number of certified IT professionals on the Rwandan job market.

5. POSITIVO Project

This project is an Implementation of the Agreement signed between the GoR and POSITIVO BGH Ltd in 2014 to set up a computer assembly plant to produce a range of quality ICT devices in Kigali including laptops.

6. ICT Centralized Procurement Project

The program aims at harmonizing and standardizing IT equipment purchases across the government. It also aims at reducing cost through bulky procurements. The E-procurement system is currently being used instead of the traditional tendering process.